Shimano Talica Single and Dual Speed

The equivalent of a Soviet Tank crossed with a Ducati motorcycle-the all new Talica delivers a high speed , castable lever drag that will fasr become a favourite of sport fishers.

The Talica is available in single or 2 speed options providing a wider range of applications across the range - from lure fishing to deep water species.

The range covers Talica 8 single speed to Talica 25 2 speed.

Please contact us for a price if you would like a model not listed below.


DescriptionDrag Power(kg)Capacity Mono (kg/m)Capacity Braid (lb/y)Gear RatioBearingsRetreieve (cm)Weight (g)Priceqty
Talica 12189/32050/7005.7:16104665$599.00Add To Cart
Talica 12 2 speed189/32050/7005.7:1, 3.1:16104/ 56730$649.00Add To Cart
Talica 16 2 speed189/40265/4855.7:1, 3.1:16104/ 56750$679.00Add To Cart